Friends Of Ile A Vache Haiti
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FRIENDS OF ILE A VACHE HAITI, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable economic development, is reaching out to the public to raise funds for its many projects currently under operation on Ile a Vache, a small island off the south coast.  This island offers safe anchorages for their vessels and members to effectively create models of technologies that offer solutions to concerns presently affecting the people of Haiti.  Demonstration projects leading the way to a better lifestyle for all Haitians.

The end focus of all efforts is to demonstrate what can be done and how to break the continuous aid cycle. Everything developed on the island can be copied to anywhere on Haiti. Two of our most important drives are finding sustainable ways to provide fresh food and clean water. A sustainable fish farm, with land donated by the local mayor is well underway and we are now investigating a site outside of Les Cayes to expand our harvest. Finding sources of clean water is another problem for all of Haiti. To help alleviate this problem, we developed a rainwater cistern collection plan and strategically placed over 40 cisterns around the island. These were installed by Haitians the company educated about tool usage and construction techniques.  Providing not only clean water but jobs for the local village.  A project now ready to spread to other villages with your help.

Every cent donated to the Friends of Ile a Vache Haiti makes its way to the Haitian population. Not one cent goes to overhead. Your donation will provide fresh food, clean water and employment to Haitians.  All our staff, vessels, overhead has to raise their own costs from other sources other than donations.  Every dollar you send in, goes directly to a Haitian hand.

We need your help to be able to help in Haiti.  Money is only one tool that is needed but it is vital. We also need pumps, generators, solar panels, piping, nets, computers, cameras etc.  If you have none of this, then send your prayers for all of people who are suffering.

We will be working in Haiti after the news switches to the next big event.  Long term is key. Over 11 years we have made a difference and saved lives.  It has taken 500 years for this part of Hispaniola to slip down to the level it is at.  It will take several generations to finally pick itself up.  The children of today are the cure for Haiti tomorrow.  Education is key - good teachers are needed.  Become part of our TEACHERS FOR HAITI program.  Work with Haitian teachers who are willing to learn to help their island.

FRIENDS OF ILE A VACHE HAITI, has been operating in Haiti since 1999. It was formed by a group of friends that where searching for the original Canadian Icon, the BLUENOSE, which sank off the coast of Ile a Vache in 1946.  BLUENOSE, The Queens of the Seas, the ship that brought hope to so many, is once again leading the way and doing what is right.  The spirit of BLUENOSE is alive and well in Haiti.  This spirit has brought many friends together now from all over the globe.  Everyone working to develop the islands standard of living and economy.  Giving a hand up and not a hand out.  Just like BLUENOSE - winning the day.

Join our effort, become involved doing the right thing.  Cut the bonds of poverty.  Break free a new page in Haitian History.  With many hands Haiti can turn the page.  Haiti needs people like you to be involved.  Your efforts are the difference.   God Speed.

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WelcomeMission StatementBenefactors and SponsorsPhoto Gallery - Click on photos to expandContact Us and Donations